The tubing head adapter specializes in carrying the pressure and fluids in the tubing bore. They are highly customizable and can be modified according to the project. The bottom connection bolts to the tube head, while the top connects to the lower master valve. There are numerous types of adapters available for single or dual completions. They come in all of the typical API flange diameters, pressures, and trims.

The principal function is to isolate tubing pressure from the tubing head annulus. And this may require a casing thread protector where the tubing string can be hung. The system pressure rating is crossed over from the tubing head pressure to a higher production bore/tree pressure rating.

Let’s look at some of the adapter types and their significance;

  • Cross-over tubing head adapter

It has bottom and top connections. They might be flanged or studded. The lower tubing head connection is isolated from the internal tubing bore pressure. A pack-off seal in the area further constrains it.

  • Dual completion

This kind of adapter features studded bottom. It transcribes internal and prepared seal over tubing hanger. The top connector is designed to prepare for twin segmented valves or dual block valves. 

  • A-5P

The tubing adapter has bottom and top connections. It also might be flanged or studded. It is designed to fit over the TC-1A-EN tubing hanger’s neck. There are ports available for down-hole control lines. It works excellent for snubbing operations.

  • BO-2

A flanged bottom connection, a studded top connection. The internal ACME threads are there to support a BO-2 hanger, and coupling is included.

The BO-2 connection screws onto the tubing and straight into the BO-2 adaptor by turning the tree assembly. 

The BO-2 connection has internal back-pressure threads and works with the TC-1W wrap. It works fine around the tubing hanger.

  • B-2P

It is a low-cost adapter with flanged or studded top and bottom connections. The internal female suspension threads for tube suspension. There is no BPV prep, and it is used in conjunction with the TC-1W.

  • KTH

The bolts to the tubing head include an internal slip & seal assembly. It is for suspending and sealing the tubing. Tube stretch is limited in pumping or low-pressure wells due to tubing anchors, making this product ideal for pumping or low-pressure wells.

  • B-1

The tubing adapter has a bottom flanged adapter with internal female suspension threads. The top threads connect to a threaded lower master valve. Pumping or low-pressure wells are ideal.
Deenpu Machinery offers tubing head adapters and casing threads as per the precise client specification. Not only that, we offer products suitable for conventional and have the specialty in wellhead system.

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