Adapters and Crossovers


Adapters and Crossovers


Seamless equipment connections are essential during pressure control activities. Along with flanges, spools and swedges, crossover subs and adapters increase well integrity by integrating tubular sections that may not naturally fit together, such as drillpipes, tubing and casing. Specifically during wireline pressure control operations, subs and adapters can connect pressure equipment on different-sized wellheads and give work strings clear access into production tubing.

We offers a full line of crossovers in a variety of sizes, lengths and connection combinations, customized to fit your project needs. Our adapter selection is equally extensive and offers numerous configurations to connect among styles such as quick unions, flanges and both male/female threaded connections. Designed to industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), all parts offer full-traceability mill test reports to verify exceptional manufacturing.

  • Extensive selection of standard thread configurations
  • Fully customized cuts and threading
  • Numerous original equipment manufacturer options
  • Custom or standard bolt configurations
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing
  • Durable materials such as heat-treated alloy streel and gall-resistant coatings
  • API-certified with full traceability
  • Quick delivery to worksites around the world


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