Hammer Unions

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Hammer Unions

DEENPU manufactures Hammer Unions from raw materials in the form of forgings or castings in accordance with service requirements in sizes 1 to 12″ with ratings up to 20,000 PSI cold working pressure. Unions for sour gas service are manufactured in accordance with NACE MR-01-75 & API RP-14E.


DEENPU ’s Hammer Unions are interchangeable with WECO or other manufacturers adhering to the industry standards.

Thread Gauging

Acme thread and line pipe threads are gauged by standard plug & ring gauges.

Sealing Design

The conical and spherical surfaces of the female and male subs respectively form an effective metal-to-metal seal in case of low pressure services.For medium pressure mostly an ‘0’ ring is provided in the male sub in addition to the metal to metal seal. For high pressure a lip type seal ring is provided for primary seal in the female sub. The seal protects the secondary metal to metal seal from corrosion and limits fluid flow turbulence. For sour service applications viton seals are provided.

Quality Control

DEENPU unions are manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques to attain first class workmanship and dimensional control. Correctly chosen raw materials for a particular service together with correct heat-treatment process is used to ensure better service and longer life in extreme conditions.


Line pipe threads in Fig-1002, Fig 1502 for Pipe diameters above 4″ are not’ recommended for sour service application.
For Fig-1003, 4″ & 5″ sizes are rated at ,7500 PSI cold working pressure and 12000 PSI test pressure.
Sour gas service unions are painted OLIVE GREEN and stamped “NACE”.
For other types of threading like casing, tubing or NPS thread seal configuration, consult factory.
Quick Reference Table

The following table giving figures of unions, end connections and pressure rating is given for quick reference.

Fig 50. Orange Nut – Orange Subs

These low pressure and suction union of Fig-50 are made from carbon steel. The nut and O-ring are common in both sizes. Available in 4″ or 5″ sizes in threaded & socket welded connection. These unions are suitable for 500 PSI wp.



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