FIG 1502 hammer union


hammer union


The hammer union is designed to connect mud tanks immediately without having to deal with flange connections at all. If the storage tank is not aligned in the correct way, the necessary hammer union can still be used to ensure an absolutely leak-free seal. They usually consist of three parts: male, female and nut.


They are provided with the replaceable elastic nitrile rubber sealing ring and designed for high pressure system with the solid wall thickness.
They are recommended for cementing, crushing, acidifying, testing and blocking and kill line, and also can be used for non-pressure sealed connection. Butt-welded Sch XXH is adopted.

Type 1502: 1500PSI NSCWP, test pressure: 22500PSI, blue nut and red part.

Product details

Nominal pipe size Total length Countersink Nut radius Material Weight
Nut Part
in mm in mm in mm in mm lb kg
1-1/2 38.1 5-13/32 137.0 1/4 6.4 3-21/32 93.0 SF SF 12.0 5.4
2 50.8 7 177.8 15/64 6.0 3-3/4 95.3 SF SF 21.0 9.5
3 76.2 7-5/8 193.7 3/8 9.5 4-1/2 114.3 SF SF 31.0 14.1
4 101.6 8-3/5 218.4 3/8 9.5 6 152.4 SF SF 74 33.7


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