Chiksan Joint


Chiksan Joint


Chiksan Joints are high pressure fluid control elements in cementing and fracturing equipment. It is a pipe fitting that changes the connection direction of construction pipelines and facilitates pipeline connection. It is widely used in high-pressure discharge pipelines, input pipelines, temporary liquid flow pipelines, well testing pipelines and other high-pressure transmission pipelines in sour operating environments (excluding operating environments containing CO2, H2S acid gas). The specifications of the chiksan joints are 1½”~4″in, the rated working pressure is 42MPa~105MPa, and the working temperature is -46℃~121℃.


The technical parameters and performance of the chiksan joint conform to the API 6A specification. Its product specification level is PLS3 and its performance level is PR2, and it is interchangeable with similar products from SPM.

 The chiksan joint  is made of high-strength alloy steel and manufactured by a special heat treatment process. It adopts a unique ballistic and steel ball structure to ensure that the chiksan joint  has good rotation performance and impact resistance. Acme threaded connection makes it easy and fast to disassemble, and the connection is firm and reliable. Multiple sealing designs and high machining accuracy ensure the sealing performance of the movable elbow

The 1½ “~4” long radius chiksan joint carefully designed and manufactured by our company, the cold working pressure is 42Mpa~105Mpa (6000psi~15000psi), there are ten different types, can be one direction, two directions and three different directions Rotating 360 degrees, it can provide various types of 90-degree chiksan joints and repair kits under normal temperature, low temperature and sulfur-containing gas conditions.

Product name size Cold working pressure Connection thread Style
Long radius chiksan joint 1½”
3 ”
4 “
Thread (Tr100×12)
Thread (Tr110×8)
10 style
20 style
30 style
40 style
50 style
60 style
70 style
80 style
90 style
100 style
F ×F
Note: ①The connection forms of the chiksan joint can be designed according to the requirements of customers

②Product color: Anti-hydrogen sulfide high pressure chiksan joint is grass green

③”F” – threaded joint, “M” – spherical joint


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