Fmc Chiksan Swivel Joint for Drilling


Fmc Chiksan Swivel Joint for Drilling


Available in sizes 3/4″ through 4 ” up to 15,000 PSI non-stock cold working pressure, DEENPU Energy & Technology’s Swivel Joints offer the following features. Available in the models of style 10, style 50, and style 100,etc. End connections: thread connection and union connection.

Features include:
•Smooth rotation and movement without sacrificing strength and integrity of the steel
•Streamlined bore minimizes flow restrictions, turbulence and pressure drop
•Long-sweep Swivel Joints have extra-long radius elbows for better flow characteristics
•Manufactured specifically for high pressure applications
•Dual and tri-race ball bearing Swivel Joints are matched to load capacities & service conditions
•All ball races are either flame hardened, carburized & hardened or snap-in stainless steel
•All Swivel Joints are field repairable and easy to use. Repair kits are available
•Eight short radius Swivel Joint styles and configurations are available
•Threaded, integral wing union, beveled for welding or flanged end connections are available
•All joints are specially heat treated to achieve optimal hardness
•All materials meet ASTM and/or AISI standards


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