Chiksan Swivel Joint


Chiksan Swivel Joint


Swivel joint is a kind of high-pressure fluid control product, which is commonly applied to cementing and fracturing equipment. It is used to change the pipeline connection direction, to make it more convenient and easier to connect the pipe fittings. It is widely used in acid working environments, to connect the high-pressure discharge pipe, suction pipe, temporary flow pipeline, well test line and high-pressure transmission line.

  • The technical parameters and performance specifications are in line with API 6A. It can work with SPM’s similar products.
  • Made of high strength alloy steel with special heat treatment process.
  • Adopts a unique trajectory, ball structure, to ensure a good rotation swivel joint performance and impact resistance.
  • Multiple seal design and high precision to ensure the sealing performance.
  • Acme threaded connections makes the demolition convenient, fast and reliable.
Cold Working Pressure (psi) 6000~20000
Nominal Size (inch) 1 1/2″; 2″; 3″; 4″
End Connection Fig 602; Fig 1002; Fig 1502; Fig 2202 or Line Pipe Thread
Style 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100
Type Long radius, short radius
Sour Gas Service is also available



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