Belt pressure operation BOP


Belt pressure operation BOP


Belt pressure operation BOP

With pressure working BOP is the core of the pressure equipment device, through the bop sealing rubber core of open and closed to control the wellhead sealing, and complete with pressure process. Ram BOP shell chamber, the annular blowout preventer piston adopts reliable surface wear-resistant anti-corrosion technology, suitable for operation under pressure annular blowout preventer high frequency switching requirements.

Belt pressure operation BOP main technical specificatio

Model FZ18-35A
Bore 179.4mm(7 1/16〃)
Rated working pressure 35MPa(5000psi)
Immobile water pressure test pressure 52.5Pa (7500psi)
Rated hydraulic operating pressure 21 MPa(3000psi)
Recommended hydraulic operating pressure 8.4~10 .5MPa(1200~1500psi)
Dimension 1832mm×858mm×701mm
Weight 1267kg(2793Lbs)


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