1Sealing padRS11306.013PC0
2The gauge of level of oil in gatheringRS11306.15.00PC0
3Rubber gasket 40x10x5800 PC0
4Safety valve with shear pins JA-3 PC4
5End cover gasketRS11309.03.005PC4
6Oil seal 9,125х10,375х0,625 “RS11309.03.011PC4
7Upper guide plateRS11309.04.002PC0
8Gasket AssemblyRS11309.04.003PC32
9Adjusting washerRS11309.04.004PC12
10Stuffing boxRS11309.04.005PC12
11Lubrication ringRS11309.04.006PC36
12Two-edge sealing ring 5×6, 25×0.625 “RS11309.04.007PC72
13Locking springRS11309.04.008PC12
14Intermediate thrustRS11309.04.010PC6
15Trigger pinRS11309А.04.011PC2
17Lower guide plateRS11309.04.013PC 
18Slide BearingRS11309.04.015PC2
19O-ring 125×7GB/T 3452.1PC36
20O-ring 160×7GB/T 3452.1PC36
21O-ring 190×3.55GB/T 3452.2PC12
22Valve CoverRS11309А.05.012PC2
23O-ring for valve coverRS11309.05.011PC230
24Valve guide (upper)RS11306.05.010PC40
25Reflective ringRS11309.05.026PC16
26Bolt M10x20BG.05.002PC20
27Valve SpringRS11306.05.013PC120
28Hydraulic cylinderRS11309А.05.01.001PC1
29Threaded pin M33x2-M33x3x200RS11309А.05.01.007PC12
30Nut M33x3RS11309А.05.01.008PC12
31Sealing ring ф95х5,3GB/T 3452.1PC24
32Cylinder head flangeRS11309.05.002PC2
33Threaded pin М39х2-М39х3х180RS11309А.05.01.004PC20
34Nut М39х3NG.05.001PC20
35Cylinder headRS11309.05.003PC2
36Cylinder head capRS11309.05.06.00PC6
37Cylinder Head O-ringRS11309.05.008PC280
38Mounting plateRS11309.05.007PC6
39Fence AssemblyRS11309А.05.04.00PC18
40Inner valve guide housing (bottomRS11309.05.05.002PC60
41Lower valve guide housingRS11309.05.05.001PC12
42O-ring of the cartridge caseRS11309.05.013PC360
43Wear-resistant plateRS11309А.05.014PC4
44Cylinder liner flangeRS11309.05.015PC2
45Cylinder liner O-ringRS11309.05.019PC2
46Sealing ring ф200х7GB/T 3452.1PC4
47Omentum of a cylinder linerRS11309.05.016PC6
48Piston nutRS11309А.05.15.00PC36
49O-ring of pistonRS11305.
51Spring washer 24GB/T 93PC36
52Bolt M24x100GB/T 5782PC36
53Piston rodRS11309А.05.017PC24
54End cap linerRS11309.05.022PC0
55Nut M27RS11309А.05.01.003PC12
56Threaded pin М27х2 – М27х195RS11309А.05.01.002PC12
57Washer 39RS11309.05.027PC20
58Threaded pin М39х2 – М39х3х125RS11309А.05.01.005PC20
59Piston assembly f130mmRS-HS.130BPC0
60Piston assembly f140mmRS-HS.140BPC0
61Piston assembly f160mmRS-HS.160LPC150
62Piston assembly f170mmRS-HS.170LPC150
63Piston assembly f180mmRS-HS.180LPC0
64Sealing ring R44SY/T 5127PC8
65Sealing ring  Ø345×7GB/T 3452.1PC8
66Rubber cylinder of the surge compensator of the suction lineRS11306.05.28.001PC12
67The manometer is 0-0.6MPa (NPT1 / 4)Y60-ZPC6
68Oil gear pump 2S PC2
69The oil filter with gatheringRS11306.06.06.00PC6
70Through pipe connection A16JB/ZQ4408-86PC12
71Square key 3 / 16×3 / 16×1RS11306.06.011PC2
72Oil pump gear assemblyRS11306А.06.08.00PC4
73T-Shaped Belt A3708GB1171PC36
74Hose L = 750HG4-761PC6
75Centrifugal Sprinkler Pump32PLPC2
76Combination fitting 1 “RS11306А.08.07.00PC4
77Spray tubeRS11309А.05.18.003PC6
78Perforated pipeRS11309.16.04.00PC4
79Spacer ring 44SY5279.3PC8
81Spacer ring R27SY5127PC6
82Sealing packing ring R39SY/Т 5127PC6
83Base PlateRS11306.19.001PC4
84Compensator of pressure pulsation KV-75 PC8
85Threaded pin М39х3 – М39х2х186BG.19.001PC6
86Nut М39х3NG.05.001PC6
87Nut M33x3NG.05.002PC6
88Threaded pin M33x3 – M33x2x165BG.19.001PC6
89Rectangular check valveJZR3-L8PC6
913-way unit NPT 1/4RS11306.19.004PC6
92Exhaust valvePJC1-L8PC6
93filling hose M14x1.5 – d = 6 connection type C (L = 15m)JB1887PC2
94Fixing ringJA-3-002PC40
95Piston AssemblyJA-3-003PC40
96Piston rodJA-3-005PC40
98Locking springJA-3-008PC20
99Cutting plateJA-3-010PC20
100Cutting pinJA-3-011PC160
101Manual hydraulic pump 70 MPaPSH-IIPC0
102Cylinder liner ф130RS-GT.130ВPC0
103Cylinder liner ф140RS-GT.140ВPC0
104Cylinder liner ф160RS-GT.160LPC120
105Cylinder liner ф170RS-GT.170LPC120
106Cylinder liner ф180RS-GT.180LPC0
107The valve in gathering API 7 PC200
108Seat of valve API 7 PC200
109Strap drive 4H8V 3150/8001 PC16

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