Tubing Head and Tubing Spool


Tubing Head and Tubing Spool

Tubing Head






Tubing head is a spool with flange top, flanged bottom and two side outlets. It also can be called tubing spool. Top flange is equipped with lock screws to fix tubing hanger. Tubing head is installed on top of casing head, which consists of body housing and tubing hanger. It can hang tubing string and seal the annular space between tubing and production casing. Our company can manufacturer tubing head with standard structure, which includes tubing hanger installed on the cone of body housing. Tubing hanger can be tapped with BPV thread as per request。






  • 1. Versatile straight-bore design,Uses a 45° landing shoulder can safety support maximum loads.
  • 2. Bodies can be made from materials suitable for many severe service environments.
  • 3. Two different types of outlets: line pipe outlets and flanged padded (studded) outlets.




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