QDF series ball type solenoid directional valve


QDF series ball type solenoid directional valve

Solenoid valve is the industrial equipment of electromagnetic control, is used to control the fluid automatic basic components, belongs to the actuator, not limited to hydraulic pressure, air pressure.The direction, velocity, velocity and other parameters of the medium are regulated in industrial control systems.


The ball type electromagnetic valve is used to realize leak-free pilot control for two-way plug-in valve hydraulic system.
Under the desired pressure drop and flow features, it may also be used as control components for other executive device.
The valve core adopts high quality precision steel ball without axial length.
During the selection, the valve is free from axial block resulting from hydraulic pressure. Therefore, it may work reliably and fast.
Thanks to the structure features and corrosive quality materials.
It is applied in mineral oil.
Emulsion liquid.
High water-base hydraulic medium after special process treatment.

Size 6, 10
Model 23QDF-10B/315E24-N9Z5L, 23QDF-10K/315E220-N9Z5L, 23QDF-6B-4/315E24-N9Z5L,
23QDF-6B-4/315W220-N9Z5L,   23QDF-6B/315E24-N9Z5L,
23QDF-6B/315W220-N9Z5L,       23QDF-6K-4/315E24-N9Z5L,
23QDF-6K/315E24-N9Z5L,          23QDF-6K/315W220-N9Z5L



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