High Pressure Composite Hose for Oil Gas Water Transportation Woven Hose


High Pressure Composite Hose for Oil Gas Water Transportation Woven Hose



The hose body consists of a plurality of functional polymer film and synthetic fiber fabric reinforced layer, two layers of inner and outer spiral metal wire winding rugged.

The general structure is as follows:

The inner spiral wire: Usually stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, polypropylene or TEFLON coated steel wire;

Outer spiral wire: Made of stainless steel or galvanized steel basically;

Lining: According to the material properties of teflon polietilene nylon PET and other functional films by proprietary technology, composite hose has a broad resistance to liquid sealing performance strengthening layer and anti-aging.

Outer: Strengthening layer is hose provides bearing strength. Color outer hose layer uses the anti-wear anti-aging.

1. Multipurpose oil resistant composite hose, it is widely used in transportation fuel oil liquid gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil and other hydrocarbon products.

2. Multipurpose chemical delivery hose, which is widely used to transport corrosive chemical liquid and gas products, excellent chemical resistance properties.

3. Hose for cars, it is special used in tank, soft light, suitable for frequent bending mobile use, long life design, tank hose international.

4. Dock ship loading and unloading hose, it is dedicated to the ferry terminal, strengthening structure, heavy chemical resistance, excellent, frequent bending will not crack.

5. Paint conveying hose, it is dedicated to the paint products, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent antioxidant properties.

6. Low temperature resistant hose, which is used for transporting low temperature environment or use products, such as LPG, LNG, ethylene, propane, dry ice.

7. High temperature tube, it is used for conveying high temperature hot water, hot oil product, etc..

Composite hose specifications

ID OD Bend radius Length Weight WP Temperature Resistance
mm mm mm mm Kg/m±0.5 mpa Ω
51 76 218 20 3,6




65(2.5”) 80 280 20 4
80(3” ) 94 318 20 5
102(4” ) 125 429 20 7
152(6” ) 180 558 20 11
204(8” ) 240 710 15 15 1.0-2.5
250(10” ) 295 860 15 21




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