Accumulator Clamps


Accumulator Clamps


A specialized device designed for fixed accumulators.It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible connection and beautiful appearance.

Order description:

1. When ordering, the full name of the model should be indicated, such as: nominal volume of accumulator 25L, diameter of medium 299 bracket nx-kg /q299.(including rubber pad)

2. If you have any special requirements on the clamp, please consult our company

3. The company reserves the right to change the design without prior notice

The belt is a connecting device for connecting groove pipe joint, valve and pipeline joint, which is used for fastening connection between quick joints. Generally, the joint has gasket, rubber, silica gel and tetrafluorofluoride.Its performance is good, high degree of sealing, simple installation of steel belt is two wire ring around the belt.The clamp has the characteristics of beautiful shape, easy to use, strong tight force and good sealing performance.It is mainly used for fixing and sealing the interfaces of ordinary rubber hose, nylon cannons, clamps, hose and other mechanical equipment and chemical equipment such as vehicle, ship, diesel engine, gasoline-engine, machine tool, fire fighting, etc.


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