API 7K Certificated Safety Clamps ( Dog Collar ) – Drilling Rig Spare Parts


API 7K Certificated Safety Clamps ( Dog Collar ) – Drilling Rig Spare Parts

deenpu offers safety clamps for tubing (T) and casing (C). Multipurpose (MP) safety clamps are adjustable to a variety of tubular. The clamp has its own box with a nut wrench and an allen wrench. Manual clamps are equipped with screw and nut combination. The nut secures the clamp around the pipe and should be tightened with the supplied nut wrench. The clamp grips uniformly by design. The individual links give the clamp flexibility to wrap around the pipe and the inserts are spring loaded.

Drill Pipe Safety Clamps

The Safety Clamp consists of individual links, flexibly hinged together. Each link has a separate tapered slip which acts as a
gripping member, much like a tapered rotary slip, and each slip is held in a retracted position on the taper by spring tension.
When the clamp is tightened, each small slip takes a firm initial grip on the surface of the pipe. Should the pipe start to fall,
or should load increase occur against the slips, the taper mounting causes each slip to wedge tighter against the surface of the
pipe to increase the grip or lock the pipe against further movement.

Safety Clamps are necessary tools for handling drill collars; flush joint pipes and small shoulder pipes. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K. There are three types of safety clamps: Type WA-T, WA-C and type MP. Safety Clamps could adjust pipes to different sizes by changing the quantity of chain links, can accommodate pipes from 1.1/8 to 4.1/2inch. Safety Clamps adopts multi-link design, which provides uniform pressure around the pipe to minimize the risks of crushing the pipe or damaging the surface. Each link, complete with the taper slip, is interchangeable as a unit.

Product Paramenters
                              Size Range(in)                              
2-7/8″ to 5″
4-1/2″ to 10-1/2″
10-1/2″ to 15-7/8″
15-7/8″ to 19-3/8″
19-3/8″ to 30-1/2″
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