2″ Fig1502 Style 10 Chiksan Swivel Joint for H2s Service

Based on years of experience and research on customer needs in the oil/gas industry, Deenpu has successfully developed flowline products suitable for both standard and sour services, including swivel joint, plug valve, integral pup joint, integral fitting, safety valve, check valve, choke valve, hose loop and reel swivel. Maximum pressure is up to 20,000psi.

Each flowline product is conducted strict quality control and test, meeting international standards including ASTM/ASME. Each product has one only traceable number for quality management of whole life cycle. Tool kit and repair kit are available to suit each product for easy maintenance. Besides standard products, we can also provide customized service to meet various customer needs.


2″ Fig1502 Style 10 Chiksan Swivel Joint for H2s Service


Swivel joint is a kind of high pressure fluid control products, which is commonly applied to cementing and fracturing equipment. It is used to change the pipeline connection direction, to make it more convenient and easier to connect the pipe fittings. It is widely used in acid working environment, to connect the high pressure discharge pipe, suction pipe, temporary flow pipeline, well test line and high pressure transmission line.

Our swivel joint falls into two types: Long radius and short radius.
Various models of swivel joints and their repair kits are available, suitable for normal or low temperature, or H2S environment, with sizes ranging from 1″ to 4″ and rated WP ranging from 2000psi-20000psi (14MPa-140MPa).
Our swivel joints are available in the models of style 20, style 30, style 40, style 50, style 60, style 70, style 80, style 10, and style 100.

Cold Working Pressure (psi) 6000~20000
Nominal Size (inch) 1 1/2″; 2″; 3″; 4″
End Connection Fig 602; Fig 1002; Fig 1502; Fig 2202 or Line Pipe Thread
Style 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100
Type Long radius, short radius
Sour Gas Service is also available




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