A BOP accumulator system is an essential part of the blowout preventer. This system or unit is in place to store energy for future purposes. It provides backup energy in emergencies and special drilling operations. 

The BOP accumulator units also provide hydraulic support when pressure fluctuations occur in drilling. The accumulator can be canisters filled with hydraulic fluid, and a pressurized gas cap is most commonly used in the oil & gas industry. The hydraulic fluid stored in the canisters is very light and can be transported instantaneously when the accumulator is turned on. The gas expands and pushes the hydraulic fluid through the system, opening or closing the BOP accumulator system. This system acts as an auxiliary power system in the situation of main power failure. 

What is a mud pump

A mud pump is used as a high-pressure pump that circulates drilling mud on a drilling rig. Positive displacement pumps are commonly used in mud pumps. Regardless of the pump’s outlet pressure, positive displacement pumps can maintain a constant fluid flow rate. 

Drilling mud pumps vary from duplex, triplex, and quintuplex pumps. An engine or a motor is used to power mud pump packages. Electric motors or diesel engines are commonly used on or near drilling rigs, depending on the fuel and energy available. We may use natural gas or other sources of fuel in some instances. 

Drilling mud pumps are packaged in skid-type units, making them easier to disassemble and carry from one location to another. A charge pump is usually included in a mud pump system, which is used to boost the pressure of the fluid before it enters the main pump. Due to the high viscosity of the fluid, additional pressure on the mud pump’s entrance is frequently required to prevent cavitation. 

Why keep a stock of spare parts

Drilling, extraction, fracking all are heavy-duty processes that require heavy machinery. In any drilling project, all machinery is dependent on each other. If one machine breaks down, the whole chain will be affected. Therefore, the project management team must be ready for unforeseen events, with spare parts and replacements. One can replace the parts, but machinery can’t have replacements as that will be too costly. The mud pump is a crucial piece of machinery on the rig, and it will be handy to store mud pump spare parts
Machinery is durable and can withhold the pressure of a thousand Pascals, but they too wear out over time. The severe vibrations caused by the continuous drilling necessitates suction and discharge pulsation, which will eventually affect the strength of the machine. For the best class machinery specialists that strive to provide excellent quality to their customers, reliable spare parts, best services, and deals, visit Deenpu Machinery.

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