Let us assist you in comprehending the world of chiksan joints if you’re new to it. It is a metal pipe fitting that works in conjunction with ball-bearing swivels. Our product possesses the technical specifications required by API 6A. The Chiksan swivel joint has an acme threaded connection. It makes the demolition easier. It is quick and dependable and is built of high-strength alloy steel. 

On the other hand, the Combi BOP is intended to receive rams. It performs the functions of two rams. It is either the combination of shear and seal (blind). They came in single, double, or multiple configurations. The best benefit is its height and weight. 

Let’s look at five benefits of chiksan joint;

  • Easy maintenance

Chiksan joints require simple and affordable maintenance. It is easy to upkeep the joints as it requires only light greasing overtime. A hand-held grease gun is enough to keep the chiksan swivel working at its best capacity. 

The maintenance is simple to follow. However, a need to replace ball plugs, bearings, and packing may arise due to leakage. They usually include a repair kit, which makes the repairs extremely convenient.

  • Minimum flow restrictions

The joints offer smooth functioning and come with minimum flow restrictions. They keep pressure drops low. It features an extra-large radius which helps in better flow of industrial fluids. They also aid in the management of high-pressure cutting fluids.

  • Strength key rotation

Chiksan joints are best when it comes to dependable operation. Their ball bearing has unmatched loading and service features. Their size, kind, and several bearings may differ depending on the chiksan joint style. They feature low-pressure, high-pressure, and extra high-pressure swivel joints. 

They have two rows of bearings in a swivel. The flame-hardened ball races in the joint make key rotation easier. 

  • Better pressure handling

Chiksan joints make the best swivel joint when it comes to handling pressure. It can handle pressure to 20,000 psi. It has multiple seal designs and high precision. Each connection gets threaded and has a wing union making it the best to handle pressure. 

  • Pressure-tight seals

The joints come standardly equipped with nitrile packing. It has a brass anti-extrusion ring. The ring acts as a retainer and bears the friction between the packing material and the packing chamber. The seal protects ball races and bearings from the fluid and helps in avoiding leakage. 
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