Sucker Rod Coupling

  • Designed and manufactured according to API spec 11B.
  • The couplings are manufactured in grades SM and DES.
  • Increased wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Surface treatment includes black coating, phosphating or as per the customers requirement.


Sucker Rod Coupling


Advanced thermal spraying technology is adopted to melt Ni alloy and other high wear-resisting materials on the blank surface of the collar after high temperature flame spraying, so as to reduce the friction coefficient between the anti-wear collar and the oil pipe to 0.01, which is an effective combination of high hardness and low friction, thus improving the service life of the rod and pipe in oil exploitation.

Techanical Specification

ype grade O.D(mm) Minimum length(mm) Hardness Weight(kg) Standard
3/4″ 19-T 41.05~41.43 101.6~103.17 56-62HRA 0.65 API 11B
7/8″ 22-T 45.75~46.13 45.75~46.13 56-62HRA 0.8 API 11B
1″ 25-T 55.35~55.73 55.35~55.73 12-23HRA 1.15 API 11B


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