Releasing Spear

  • Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  • It is pulled from the inside diameter of the fallen fish.
  • It can be used with internal cutter, jar and other tools.
  • If the fish can’t be picked up, pick up the spear.


In Drilling and word over operation, LM-T type releasing spear is a tool mainly used for fishing of drill pipe, oil pipe and casing from fish hole. It can be used with internal cutter bumper jar etc.

Techanical Specification

Model O.D / in Thread Conn.(LH) Catch Size
DLM-T48 3-3/4 NC26 39.7-41.9
DLM-T60 4-1/8 NC31 49.7-51.9
DLM-T73 4-1/8 NC31 61.5-78
DLM-T89 4-3/4 NC38 75-91
DLM-T102 4-3/4 NC38 88.2-102.8
DLM-T114 4-3/4 NC38 99.8-103
DLM-T127 5 NC38 107-116
DLM-T140 5-1/2 NC38 118-128
DLM-T178 7 NC50 153-166


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