Overflow valve


Overflow valve

Product introduction:

Product name: direct action relief valve

Product name: military

Product model: pressure regulation: 19MPa·23MPa

The Product code

DBD valve is a direct action type overflow valve

Pressure level: 31.5MPa

Pressure adjustment type: adjustment bolt with protective cover

Connection: insert

Technical parameters:

Size: 20 mm

Traffic: 100 l/min

Rated pressure: 31.5MPa

Closing pressure: ≥19MPa

Factory set pressure: y25-20 full open pressure is not higher than 23MPa± 0.5mpa


The overflow valves in the ground-based BOP control device are all used for safety valves and are divided into two types: low-pressure relief valve and high-pressure relief valve. The setting pressures of the two valves are different.


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