Lifting Cap

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Lifting Cap


Lifting cap is one special tool for lifting of drilling tools in petroleum, natural gas, drilling engineering and geographical exploration, also called as lifting bail. We can provide the lifting cap or lifting bail in integral type or circular type.

  • API certified product with national best quality.
  • Forging type products used for lifting pipes collars, with regular thread connection.
  • Customized products available.
  • Warranty 6month after sale.
Connection Thread Connection Thread Connection Thread
7-5/8REG NC61 STC
6-5/8REG NC56 LTC
6-5/8REG LH NC50 BTC
4-1/2REG NC46 4-1/2EUE
3-1/2REG NC40 4-1/2NU
2-7/8REG NC38 4EUE
2-3/8REG NC35 3-1/2 EUE
5-1/2FH NC31 3-1/2NU
5-1/2FH DS NC26 2-7/8 EUE
XT39 NC23 2-7/8 NU
XT54 HT38 2-3/8 EUE
XT57 HT55 2-3/8 PAC



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