FOSV / full open safety valve


FOSV / full open safety valve


Full Opening Safety Valve is a ball type safety valve used to stop flow through the drill string when the drill string is being withdrawn from the well.

Our Full Opening Safety Valve is dual body full-opening safety valve, so it does not interfere with the running of tools such as core barrels or survey instruments. It is designed to be stabbed into the top joint of drill pipe or tubing string at the rig floor and closed quickly in case a well kicks.

The ball-type design permits the valve to be compact, easy to handle, and yet have great strength. Standard test pressure is 10,000PSI, but higher pressure ratings are available.

Full Opening Safety Valve and operating wrench be should be maintained on the rig floor at all times.

Model XS105-T44 XS110-T51 XS124-T62 XS127-T62 XS133-T57 XS133-T57 XS134-T62
O.D. φ105 φ110 φ124 φ127 φ133 φ133 φ134
I.D. φ44 φ51 φ62 φ62 φ57 φ57 φ62
Connection 2A10X2A11 210X211 2 7/8 EUE 2 7/8 EUE XT39 4 1/2VAM 310X311
Length 732 726 578 578 773 1173 800
Model XS134-T62 XS146-T50.8 XS152-T76 XS152-T76 XS178-T76 XS178-T76.2 XS190-T82.6
O.D. φ134 φ146 φ152 φ152 φ178 φ178 φ190
I.D. φ60 φ50.8 φ76 φ76 φ76 φ76.2 φ82.6
Connection 4 1/2NU NC31 3 1/2NU 3 1/2 EUE 3 1/2EUE 4A10X4A11 410X411
Length 580 832 640 617 675 885 895



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