• There are two types of Overshots: Short Catch Overshot, Releasing and Circulating Overshot.
  • Connection made by API 5DP, API 5B and GOST.
  • Short Catch Overshot is used for catching short length fish which the stuck point is closed or above the coupling, such as tubing, drill pipe, sucker rod and subs.
  • Releasing and Circulationg Overshot can fish the pipes externally. It can catch drill collar, drill pipe, tubing, subs and other pipes.
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Overshot is a downhole tool used in fishing operations to engage on the outside surface of a tube or tool. A grapple, or similar slip mechanism, on the overshot grips the fish, allowing application of tensile force and jarring action. If the fish cannot be removed, a release system within the Overshot allows the overshot to be disengaged and retrieved.

Techanical Specification

Type Outside diameterO.D.


Salvage rangemm Connection Hole diametermm Tension
DYLT95 95(3-3/4) 47~49 NC26 114.3-120.8 450
DYLT105 104.8(4-1/8) 59.7~61.3 NC31 127-139.7 500
DYLT114 114(4-1/2) 72~74.5 NC31 139.7-146 500
DYLT135 135(5-5/16) 87.9~90.6 NC31 159.6-168 600
DYLT146 146(5-3/4) 100.4~103.2 NC38 168-178 630
DYLT206 206(8-1/8) 165~170 NC50 224~228 1018


Specification of Releasing and Circulating Overshot




O.D. of overshot


MAX. fish dimensionmm(inch) Connection
Spire slip mm(inch) Basket slipmm(inch)
T-T324 324(12-3/4) 282.6(11-1/8) 266.7(10-1/2) 6-5/8REG
LT-T298 298(11-3/4) 257.2(10-1/8) 228.6(9) 6-5/8REG
LT-T270 270(10-5/8) 228.6(9) 203.2(8) 6-5/8REG
LT-T206 206(8-1/8) 177.8(7) 159(6-1/4) NC50
LT-T200 200(7-7/8) 171.5(6-3/4) 155.6(6-1/8) NC50
LT-T146 146(5-3/4) 117.5(4-5/8) 108(4-1/4) NC38
LT-T143 146(5-5/8) 120.7(4-3/4) 108(4-1/4) NC38
LT-T102 102(4) 77.8(3-1/16) 65(2-9/16) NC26



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