FI40 internal card flange processing machine


FI40 internal card flange processing machine

The FI40 flange processing machine is the most classic equipment in the entire flange processing machine series and also the product with the highest market share. The processing range of a single device is wide: Φ 153- Φ 1000mm, combined with FE12 external card flange processing machine, can cover the diameter  Any flange below Φ 1000mm means that it can solve 90% of flange processing on pressure vessels. Compared to FI24, FI40 adopts a heavy-duty structural design, but can still be controlled within the weight that can be manually transported on site. The heavy-duty structure ensures the overall rigidity of the equipment, especially when the cutting force is large, the equipment operates stably, especially for flanges with large welding deformation and machining allowance. The on-site processing efficiency is very high.

S/N. project parameter
1 Equipment model FI40P-FI40E
2 Clamping range Φ145-910mm
3 machine range Φ153-1000mm
4 Tool holder travel 100mm
5 Maximum speed 30 rpm(Pneumatic motor)
0-50ram(servo motor)
Stepless speed regulation
6 Feed Speed 0.11、0.14、0.17、0.23、0.37、0.5mm/rev
7 Feed gear 6-speed transmission
8 Pneumatic motor power 1.7Kw (pressure 0.6Mpa)
Servo motor 1.5Kw
9 Gas consumption 1.8m3/min


Equipment performance:

1. The main engine and blade wall are made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which ensures strength while minimizing equipment weight. High precision NSK bearings ensure machining plane accuracy.

2. Modular design, capable of on-site splicing and installation, safe and labor-saving.

3. Internal card installation, can be installed in any direction (horizontal, vertical, inverted).

3. Capable of processing FF and RF flange sealing surfaces (in accordance with ASME B16.5 standard water pipelines), RTJ sealing grooves, etc.

4. Power options: Panasonic servo motor (constant torque output), French Modec pneumatic motor.

5. Both radial and vertical feeding are automatic, with the ability to change the feeding direction. The feeding speed is adjustable in 6 gears and is equipped with a manual feeding function.

6. The tool holder rotates 360 º, making it easy to process various sealing grooves and chamfers.

7. Durable and high-quality aviation packaging boxes for easy transportation and storage.


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