FI14M Manual flange end face processing machine

Installation method: internal card type

Power mode: manual

Host weight: 9KG

Card installation range: 27.2-355.6mm

Overall length of equipment:320mm

Processing range: 27.2mm -355.6mm


FI14M Manual flange end face processing machine


Application scope:

This product is a patented product of DEENPU company, and the biggest advantage of this equipment is that it can perform flange plane maintenance without the need for power supply (such as power and air sources). During the flange maintenance process, due to the complex on-site conditions and limited operating space, the flanges that need to be repaired are often far away from the power supply. Based on the actual situation on site, DEENPU has launched the FI14M manual flange processing machine, which uses a self centering structure to support the inner wall of the pipeline. By manually rotating the equipment, the sealing surface can be repaired. This lightweight product is particularly suitable for diameters of Flanges below Φ 300mm.

equipment performance:

1. The main engine is made of aviation aluminum alloy, ensuring strength while minimizing equipment weight. The main engine weighs only 9KG.

2. Equipped with two chassis sizes, extending the support range to Φ 270mm, increasing the rigidity during the processing of large flanges.

3. Adopting a worm gear and labor-saving mechanism, the operation is simple and can be easily completed by one person.

4. Capable of completing mirror and ASME B16.5 standard water lines processing.

5. Equipped with three tool handles, one device can complete  Processing range of Φ 27.2-355.6mm.

6. Durable and high-quality aviation packaging box, convenient for transportation and storage.

S/N. project parameter
1 Equipment model FI 14M
2 Clamping range Φ27.2-270mm
3 machine range Φ27.2-355.6mm
4 Tool holder travel 40mm
5 Feed Speed fine machining:0.125mm/rev
Ripple line:0.5mm/rev




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