FI 24 internal card flange processing machine


FI 24 internal card flange processing machine


The FI24 internal card flange processing machine adopts internal card installation, with a processing diameter range of Φ 80- Φ 610mm, equipped with three sets of installation chassis, the expansion block has a fine adjustment function and can be quickly corrected. The FI24 flange machine can be powered by pneumatic or servo motors. The equipment is installed on the inner wall of the flange pipeline and can complete the processing of FF, RF flange planes, RTJ and other sealing grooves. It can also process carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel based alloys, and non-ferrous metal materials. This equipment has a light overall weight and is particularly suitable for use without lifting equipment on site. It is suitable for light cutting and is mostly used in working conditions with small machining allowance.

S/N. project parameter
1 Equipment model FI24P
2 Clamping range Φ59-570mm
3 machine range Φ80-610mm
4 Tool holder travel 40mm
5 Maximum speed 45 rpm
6 Feed Speed fine machining:0.125mm/rev
Ripple line:0.5mm/rev
7 Feed gear 2-speed transmission
8 Pneumatic motor power 1.0Kw (pressure 0.6Mpa)
9 Gas consumption 1.0m3/min


Equipment performance:

1. The main engine is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which ensures strength while minimizing equipment weight. Equipment installation does not require lifting equipment.

2. High precision NSK bearings ensure machining plane accuracy.

3. The radial feed is automatic, and through gear switching, the machining of mirror ASME B16.5 standard water pipe lines can be completed.

4. Easy to operate, installation and processing can be easily completed by just one person.

5. Rotate the tool holder to adjust the angle and complete the processing of the RTJ sealing groove.

6. The pneumatic motor and servo motor are interchangeable, solving the problem of no air source on site.

7. Durable and high-quality aviation packaging boxes for easy transportation and storage.



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