Drilling Mud Gun


Drilling Mud Gun


Mud Gun is designed and manufactured for the different drilling mud solids control system. The mud gun are classified into three kinds: low pressure; medium pressure; high pressure, mainly to match with centrifugal pump,or mud pump, or the shear pump. It is to clean the wall tube and to prevent the mud sediment in the mud tank.

Model NJQ503 NJQ501 NJQ503 NJQ801
Diameter 2”(φ50) 2”(φ50) 3”(φ80) 3”(φ80)
Valve ID 50mm 50mm 80mm 80mm
Interface Size 2” 2” 3” 3”
Pressure 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa 1.6/3.2/6.4Mpa
Nozzle number 3 1 3 1
Rotation angle 120°/0 120° 120°/0 120°
Remark rotate/non-rotate rotate rotate/non-rotate rotate




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