Mud Pump Liner


Mud Pump Liner

  • 100% interchangeable with the most common brands of mud pumps.
  • Long lasting service life up to 4000 hours.
  • Could be used around 7500 psi of working pressure.
  • Also provide reliable Liner packing Seal Rings.
  • Customized Liners according to drawings can be produced, too.

DEENPU provides high quality Mud Pump Parts including Mud Pump Liners, Mud Pump Fluid End Module, piston, Valve and Seat etc. With more than 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we are dedicated to help and support our loyal clients with the most cost-effective and quality Liners and Pistons. We also provide mud pump price and mud pump for sale.

We offer Liners with Ceramic (Zirconia and Aluminium oxide) and Steel (Metal and Bi-metal) materials for all common brands of the mud pump and triplex mud pump.



Bi-metal liners (double metal liners) are made of forged steel shell and wear-resistant sleeve of high chromium iron. In the production process, the size accuracy should be strictly controlled, which can ensure that they can be easily and stably installed. The inner sleeve with high finish and hardness is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. The bi-metal liners are suitable for a lot of bad working conditions. Its service life is more than 800 hours.





Ceramic Liners are made of a ceramic inner sleeve and a forged steel outer shell. The service life of ceramic liners is about 4000 to 10000 hours, the minimum time is at least 2000 hours, which is a lot more than bi-metal liners. Because of the phase transformation toughen technology, the ceramic liners have the features of wear-resistance, erosion-resistance, high-pressure-resistance, high hardness and strength. Zirconia type and Alumina type are common type of ceramic sleeve. Compared with Alumina type, Zirconia type liners have better toughness properties and a much longer service life. Piston wear and water consumption for lubrication can be reduced as well.



Seal Rings for Liner packing are also important. Liner Seal Rings is designed and made with hard corner which is an integral part of seal rings and soft nitrile element rubber center. We could provide reliable liner Seal Rings for our customers could order them at the same time.

All DEENPU liner products are interchangeable with O.E.M. products. Meanwhile, we provide customized Liners according to drawings. Our liners, also with our other mud pump spares, are supplied for use in Honghua, F-Series, Bomco, Emsco and National lines of triplex drilling pumps. Let DEENPU be your one-stop shop for your whole fleet of pumps. Please refer to “Suitable Pump Models” Lable for more details.

Bomco F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600 F-1600HL
Brewster B-1000-T B-1100-T B-1300-T B-1600-T
HONGHUA HHF-500 HHF-800 HHF-1000 HHF-1300 HHF-1600 HHF-1600HL HHF-2200HL
Emsco F-350 F-500 F-650 F-800 F-1000 FD-1000 FB-1300
FB-1600 FA-1600 FA-1300 FC-1600 FD-1600 FC-2200D-300/500 D-175
D-225 D-375 D-500 D-550 DA-500 DB-500 D-700
DA-70 DB-700 DC-700 DA-850 DB-850 DC-850 D-1000
DB-1000 DC-1000 D-1000-A D-1350 D-1650
National 7-P-50 8-P-80 9-P-100 10-P-130 12-P-160 14-P-220 JWS-165-L
JWS-340 JWS-400 C-250 C-350 K-380 K-500-A G-700
K-700 N-1000 N-1300 N-1600
Oilwell 350-PT A-650P-T A-850-PT A-1100-PT A-1400-PT A-1700-PT HD-1400-PT
HD-1700-PT 612-P 212-P 214-P 218-P 700-P 816-P
818-P 1000-P
Ideco T-500 T-800 T-1000 T-1300 T-1600 MM-450 MM-500-F
MM-600-A MM-700-F MM-1000
Gardner Denver PZ-7 PZ-8 PZ-9 PZ-10 PZ-11 FK-FXK FY-FXD
LS National Mud Pumps 3NB-500C 3NB1000C 3NB1300C 3NB1600
Wirth Mud Pump TPK1000 TPK1600 TPK2000
Russian Pumps UNBT-950 UNB-600 8T-650 UNBT650 NBT600 UNB1180 UNB1180L
WEATHERFORD/Ellis Williams MP-5 MP-8 MP-10 MP-13 MP-16 E-447 E-2200
W446 W440
Drillmec 7TS-600 8T-800 9T1000 10T-1300 12T1600 14T-2200 10D2C
Upetrom 3PN-1000 3PN-1600 3PN-1300 3PN-2000
OPI 350-D 350-GD 500-DC 700-HDL 1000-HDL
Lewco/Ewco W-250-C WH440 W446 W600 WH600 WH770 W1100
WH1312 W1612 W1712 W2000 W2214 W2215
American Block K800 K1000 K1300 K1600 K2200
Loadmaster LSF-500 LSF-800 LSF-1000 LSF-1300 LSF-1600
Soilmec 7T500 7T508 8T650
Dragon 440HP 660HP
GASO/Wheatly 1550 1560 1563 1654 1742 1753 1874
1849 1860 2652
Great American GA-550 GA-750
TFI BH-800 F-500 F-800 F-1000 F-1300 F-1600
TSC WF-400 WF-450 WF-700 WFU-750 WF-1000 WF-1300 WF-1600
WF-2000 WF-2200


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