Double Flapper Check Valve


Double Flapper Check Valve

The Double Flapper Check Valve is the standard check valve used in the standard check valve used in the majority of CT operations. It is mounted close to the top of the CT string, below the connector to provide a well control barrier inside the coiled tubing against the wellbore.


  • A standard safety device used on CT operations in all oil, gas and water wells.
  • Sweet and sour service (H S).


  • Allows unobstructed flow of fluids and nitrogen.
  • Prevents back flow of well fluids into the coiled tubing.
  • Internal full bore fluid passage for bores, darts and plugs.
  • Removable flapper cartridges.
  • Dual sealing flapper cartridge (low pressure teflon sealing and high pressure metal to metal sealing).
0.D. (in) L.D.*(in) Length*(in)
1.500 0.469 17
1.688 0.687 18
2.125 0.891 19
2.375 1.031 20


“As per customers specifications.

Other sizes are available on request.




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