API Oilfield Fishing Tools Die Collar

  • Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  • The tool are used to go engage the internal diameter of a fish.
  • It is the most economical tool of its kind for freeing fish.
  • It is provide an excellent grip for light duty pick-up jobs.


API Oilfield Fishing Tools Die Collar

Taper tap is a fishing tool which make threads and salvage from the inner hole of a drill pipe or tubing. It has a high success rate for fishing tubular fishes with couplings. It can be used with different right and left hand drill pipes and other tools for different fishing processes. The taper tap is made of high quality alloy steel and processed by special heat treatment. In order to make threads easily, it is made with chip groove.

Die collar is a tool specially fishes from the outer wall of tubular objects such as oil pipes and drill pipes. It can be used for the fishing of cylindrical falling objects without internal bore or internal bore blocking. It can be used with different right and left hand drill pipes and other tools for different fishing processes. The fishing thread is 5 buckles / 25.4 mm and the taper is 1:16. The hard and sharp edge of fishing threads can make threads easily. When die collar enters the outer diameter of the fish, add appropriate drilling pressure and turn the drill to force the fishing thread to buckle on the outer wall of the fish.

Model Product Code Large wicker O.D. (mm) Small wicker O.D. (mm) OD(mm) Catch size(mm)
MZ55×40-NC26 L20-02000 55 40 86 48
MZ68×50-NC26 L20-02001 68 50 95 60
MZ80×62-NC26 L20-02002 80 62 114 73
MZ96x74-NC31 L20-03000 96 74 127 89
MZ110x90-NC38 L20-05000 110 90 143 102
MZ122x102-NC38 L20-05001 122 102 162 114
MZ135x110-NC50 L20-09000 135 110 175 127
MZ148x128-NC50 L20-09001 148 128 190 140
MZ167x140-NC50 L20-09002 167 140 203 159
MZ178x153-6 5/8REG L20-19000 178 153 211 168
MZ190x166-6 5/8REG L20-19001 190 166 219 178
MZ210x185-6 5/8REG L20-19002 210 185 247 203
MZ239x216-7 5/8REG L20-20000 239 216 280 228
MZ251x229-7 5/8 REG L20-20001 251 229 290 241





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