Die Collar

  • Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  • The tool are used to go engage the internal diameter of a fish.
  • It is the most economical tool of its kind for freeing fish.
  • It is provide an excellent grip for light duty pick-up jobs.
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Die collar is a special external fishing tool which is engaged on the outside wall of tubing objects such as oil tubing and drill pipe. It can be used in fishing cylindrical objects without inner bore or stucked inner bore.

Techanical Specification

Type Connection Overall Length
Fishing I.D.Range
GZ-NC31-LH-1 NC31 LH 63-9/32 1-17/32~2-3/32
GZ-NC31-2 NC31 22-23/32 2-13/64~2-23/64
GZ-NC38-7 NC38 33-55/64 3-5/16~4-11/64
GZ-NC38-8 NC38 33-55/64 4-11/16~5-35/64
GZ-NC38-9 NC38 37-13/32 3-13/16~4-59/64
GZ-NC38-10 NC38 27-61/64 3-27/64~3-15/16
GZ-NC50-11 NC50 44-31/64 3-1/4~4-49/64
GZ-NC50-12 NC50 36-5/8 2-3/4~3-3/4


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