Choke Manifold


Choke Manifold


API 16C Wellhead 10000psi Choke Manifold
10000psi High Pressure Choke Manifold for wellhead service
Brief of Wellhead High pressure choke manifold
Choke manifold is the necessary equipment to control the well kick and implement
pressure control technology for oil and gas wells. Under the condition of closing the
wellhead control, through opening and closing of check valve to control a certain
pressure, to balance the pressure in the well or maintain the bottom hole pressure
larger than the formation pressure, to avoid overflow and blowout occurred

No. Cold working press Main diameter, side diameter     mm(in)
52(2-1/16″) 65(2-9/16″) 79(3-1/8″) 78(3-1/16″) 103(4-1/16″)
1 21Mpa(3000psi)
2 35Mpa(5000psi)
3 70Mpa(10000psi)
4 105Mpa(15000psi)
Working temperature: -29~121℃; Product specification level: no less than PSL3; material grade (valve, joint): EE-FF; Working medium: mud, petroleum, natural gas


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