API 16C Choke Manifold Control Console


API 16C Choke Manifold Control Console

Choke manifold control console ad a control assembly in hydraulic choke manifold, can remote control the open/close of hydraulic choke valve for a long distance and the control panel can indicate the stand-pipe pressure ,casing pressure and the opening/closing condition of hydraulic choke valve as well as the pulse number and frequency of the mud pump if pump-pulse counter equipped, which can keep the pressure under well and is a necessary device to control kick and blowout and perform the pressure control technology in oil/gas well.

Operation BOP console

It is used for the hydraulic control for underground operation BOP, which can control the open/close of the full ram BOP, half-ram BOP and annular BOP so as to remain the safety of workover BOP during the production.

remote control driller’s station

In order to control the remote control panel, FKQ series control system may be also equipped with auxiliary control panel.

Air-operated control is adopted in the auxiliary control panel. Via the connection between air cable and remote control panel, the remote control panel may be control by both driller’s control panel and auxiliary control panel.


1.Air source pressure
0-0.6Mpa(Clean air source)
2.ambient temperature
3.Rating work pressure
4.Maximum output oil pressure
5.Fluid circuit connection
quick coupling M22 x 1.5
6.Gas circuit connection
quick coupling M16 x 1.5
7.Hydraulic oil specification
10# aeronautic hydraulic oil
8.Rating output oil pressure of orifice hydraulic chock manifold control unit
6-8 Mpa
9.size Chock manifold control unit
700x 470 x 1200
2Dual-hydraulic chock manifold control unit
780x 490 x 1200



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