BOP Closing Unit


BOP closing unit ( koomey bop control unit )

Item Description:

BOP closing unitThe BOP closing unit for surface-mounted BOP stacks are used to open and close Blowout Preventer and Choke Valve while drilling oil and gas well.

Its design and manufacture follows SY/T5053.2 standard, and refers to API Spec 16D specifications. The operation is easy, safe and reliable.

Specifications for Bop Control System Model Representations

K: Product Code

Q: Type of Driller Panel

Q: Air Control

DQ:Electric/air control

DY: Electric/Hydraulic Control

Omitted: without driller panel 400

Total Volume of accumulator(L)

-5 Objects Control B Improvement Code

Available of size of

FKQ320-4, FKQ640-6, FKQ480-5 etc.

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