API 16C Choke Manifold

Model: 2 1/16″ choke manifold
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Application: Oil well flow control
Industry: Oil well
Condition: New
Service: standard
Usage: Wellhead
specification: 2 1/16″
Working pressure: 10000 psi
Working medium: Mud, Oil, Drilling Fluid
Material Class: EE
Working temperature: P+U
Special Groups: API 16C Kill Manifold
API 6A choke manifold
Wellhead manifold control


API 16C Choke Manifold 

In oil and gas production a choke manifold is used to lower the pressure from the well head. It consist of a set of high pressure valves and at least two chokes. These chokes can be fixed or adjustable or a mix of both. The redundancy is needed so that if one choke has to be taken out of service, the flow can be directed through another one. By lowering pressure the retrieved gases can be flared off on site.

We, designs and manufactures the choke manifold  as per API standard, the

choke manifold provides a cost-effective option for the land rig applications. The choke

manifold is necessary well- control equipment is effectively controlling kill and carrying out

pressure controlling for oil and gas Well. The choke manifold is composed by the gate valve

and choke valve as per the customer’s operation requirement.

Application of the  choke manifold

One side of the manifold is connected iwth side flange of BOP spool. Under closing BOP, by opening or closing choke valve to control certain casing pressure and ensure balanced drilling at minimum pressure difference.  Besides, the choke manifold can be used to flush well.

Specification of the choke manifold

Working pressure 35Mpa – 105Mpa
Nominal dia 2 1/16″ – 4 1/16″
Working Temperature -46oC – +121oC
Products Specification PSL 3
Performance level  PR1
Standard API 16C

Ordered choke manifold:

Choke Manifold 2 1/16″ x 10K with base plate, 5 Gate valve, 2

adjustable choke valve, H2 type, forged, PR1,PSL3, PR1, EE,PU

H2s as per NACE MR 0175


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