The accumulator USES QXF type charging valve


The accumulator USES QXF type charging valve


QXF type charging valve is a special one-way valve for filling nitrogen in the accumulator. The charging valve is assisted by inflation.After inflation, take off the inflation tool can automatically close the valve

Model description:

Name: Charging Valve

Nominal Diameter: 4mm, 5mm

(3) 1: domestic special purpose 2: ASME special purpose 1: China market2: ASME type

The accumulator is the accumulator in the hydraulic pneumatic system.It can convert the energy in the system into compressed energy or potential energy at the appropriate time, and the system can, as needed, convert the compressed energy or bit energy into energy such as hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, and release and re-supply it to the supply system.When the instantaneous pressure of the system increases, the energy of this part can be absorbed to ensure the pressure of the whole system is normal.


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