Type D and Type F Oil Field Pressure Gauge

Type D and TYPE F gauges are designed to provide a quick, accurate display of pump pressure. main application are for standpipe and to be mounted on mud pumps, this style of gauge has been in service to many years and has proven to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure.


Type D and Type F Oil Field Pressure Gauge


D & F type pressure gauges are popular and common tools in the drilling well. It is designed for measuring pressure of high viscosity , easy crystal medium and stationary pressure and providing a quick, accurate display of pressure for standpipe and mud pump. This style of gauge have been proved to be a tough, dependable and reliable way to monitor pump pressure. 


Type D:

Dimensions: 7-5/8 inch diameter dial case and 14-3/4 inch in height

Pressure range: 0-6,000 psi(1000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 6000 psi)

Standard end connection: 2 inch NPT female threaded connection

Type F:

Dimensions: 4-7/8 inch diameter dial case and 9-7/8 inch in height.

Pressure range: 0-20,000 psi

Standard end connection: 2” NPT threaded female and 1” NPT threaded male connection.


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