Stabbing Guide


Stabbing Guide


Stabbing guides are designed to prevent damage during make up and are manufactured from high-grade steel and durable urethane material, then molded to a profile designed to act as a funnel guide. Models are available for tubing, casing and drill pipe, and in your choice of heavy-duty, standard-duty, or mag-latch configurations.
Generally, stabbing guides are used during making up a string of pipe aligning pin to box threads and preventing face damage and connection failure. A stabbing guide tool is used to facilitate the makeup of pipe connections comprising of a diametrally split, hinged and rigid plastics-material infundibulum of high lubricity toughness, and strength adapted to receive and guide a pin connector and having a locating socket adapted to engage a box connector. The tool is spring loaded to closed position by a torsion spring and provided with a pair of hand grip levers to facilitate opening, placement, and removal.


  • The stabbing guide is adaptable to the outside diameter of the new or worn coupling, through adjusting the length of latch screw.
  • The stabbing guide has a relatively large guiding conical surface.
  • The screw thread and coupling are not damaged with composite material used.
  • The operation of latch lock is flexible and convenient.
  • Nitrile rubber material or Nylon material is better material for long life operation.
Model Applicable Diameter of Tubulars (in) Model Applicable Diameter of Tubulars (in)
SG2-3/8T 2-3/8 Tubing SG 7-5/8 C 7-5/8 Casing
SG2-7/8T 2-7/8 Tubing SG8-5/8C 8-5/8 Casing
SG3-1/2T 3-1/2 Tubing SG9-5/8C 9-5/8 Casing
SG4T 4 Tubing SG10-3/4C 10-3/4 Casing
SG4-1/2T 4-1/2 Tubing SG11-3/4C 11-3/4 Casing
SG4-1/2C 4-1/2 Casing SG13-3/8C 13-3/8 Casing
SG5C 5 Casing SG13-5/8C 13-5/8 Casing
SG5-1/2C 5-1/2 Casing SG14C 14 Casing
SG6C 6 Casing SG16C 16 Casing
SG6-5/8C 6-5/8 Casing SG18-5/8C 18-5/8 Casing
SG7C 7 Casing SG20C 20 Casing



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