Stabbing Guide

Stabbing Guide

  • The stabbing guide is adaptable to the outside diameter of the new or worn coupling, through adjusting the length of latch screw.
  • The stabbing guide has a relatively large guiding conical surface.
  • The screw thread and coupling are not damaged with composite material used.
  • The operation of latch lock is flexible and convenient.
  • Nitrile rubber material or Nylon material is better material for long life operation.


Stabbing Guide

Stabbing guides are designed to prevent damage during make up. It manufactured from high-grade steel and Nitrile rubber material or Nylon material , It is easy to operate and can protect the screw thread of the pipes effectively. The guides are used available for tubing, casing and drill pipe.

Model Applicable Diameter of Tubulars (in) Model Applicable Diameter of Tubulars (in)
SG2-3/8T 2-3/8 Tubing SG 7-5/8 C  7-5/8 Casing
SG2-7/8T 2-7/8 Tubing SG8-5/8C 8-5/8 Casing
SG3-1/2T 3-1/2 Tubing SG9-5/8C 9-5/8 Casing
SG4T 4 Tubing SG10-3/4C 10-3/4 Casing
SG4-1/2T 4-1/2 Tubing SG11-3/4C 11-3/4 Casing
SG4-1/2C 4-1/2 Casing SG13-3/8C 13-3/8 Casing
SG5C 5 Casing SG13-5/8C 13-5/8 Casing
SG5-1/2C 5-1/2 Casing SG14C 14 Casing
SG6C 6 Casing SG16C 16 Casing
SG6-5/8C 6-5/8 Casing SG18-5/8C 18-5/8 Casing
SG7C 7 Casing SG20C 20 Casing



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