Special union


Special union


Self-Sealing Fitting Feature:

The self-sealing fitting automatically opens after being assembled and closes when disassembled, it can eliminate the possibility of polluting environment by out-flowing media, save operational cost, prevent mechanical wear if sand and dust come into the pipes and machines, and reduce potential accidents. It is ideal for quick and easy connection and disconnection, can reduce labor intensity and save operating time. The material used fully comply with ASTM and AISI. The product and parts are all treated against corrosion. The fitting is anti-high pressure, reliable sealing, standard and with good exchangeability.

Universal Self-Sealing Fitting Feature:

The universal self-sealing fitting can automatically adjust itself depending on the connection direction, it makes pipes and hoses arrange in good order and reduces fatigue resistance of the pipelines.


The self-sealing fittings can be classified into following three major types based on structure:

1. Quick self-sealing steel ball fitting

2. Hammer self-sealing union     fitting

3. Pin key plug-in self-sealing fitting


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