Spacer Spool

  • Flanged, studded, and hubbed ends available, in any combination.
  • Manufactured for any combination of size and pressure ratings.
  • Spacer Spools designed to minimize length while allowing sufficient clearance for wrenches or clamps, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
  • The standard design for Spacer Spools does not include outlets, although outlets can be added as specified.
  • Available for general service and sour service in compliance with any temperature rating and material requirements specified in API specification 6A.


Spacer Spool

Spacer spools in all sizes and pressure ratings that are compliant to API 6A and API 16A. Spacer spools are suitable for wellhead extension, BOP installation, choke & kill manifold spools and production manifold. End connections are flanged, studded, threaded, clamp hubs or other end connectors (OEC). Some customers uses names like “riser spool” or “surface riser spools”. Customer should specify the length accordingly to stack height. Each spool is pressure, drift and dimensionally tested before shipment.

Techanical Specification

Working pressure: 2000PSI-20000PSI

Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud

Working temperature: -46℃-121℃ (L-U)

Material class: AA –HH

Specification class: PSL1-PSL4

Performance class: PR1-PR2

Connection: API 6A Flange, API 16A Clamp, Weco Union


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