API 5000psi Flange End Drilling Spacer Spool



API 5000psi Flange End Drilling Spacer Spool



1. Standard: API
2. Pressure:2000PSI-20000PSI
3. Size: 3 1/8″–26 3/4″


Spacer spool, in accordance with API 6A, have end connectors of the same size, rated working pressure and design. Spacer spool is wellhead sections which have no provision for suspension of tubular members and which may have no provision for sealing of tubular members

We manufacture the  spacer spool in all sizes and pressure ratings suitable for Well Head extension, B.O.P. spacing, and Choke, Kill, and Production Manifold applications. spacer spool usually has the same nominal end connections. spacer spool identification consists of naming each end connection and the overall length (outside of end connection face to outside of end connection face).


We can produce all kinds of API 6A double studded adapter for wellhead use. It is the important device to connection the defferent flange for wellhead, so the material of the body and studs and nuts shall be conforms the related requirements. The size is in accordance with API flange certification.


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