13 5/8″ 15K Wellhead Control Drilling Spool and Flange Spool Adapter


13 5/8″ 15K Wellhead Control Drilling Spool and Flange Spool Adapter


Double Studded Adapter Flange (DSAF) or Double Studded Adapter (DSA) is a flange with a through bore and a ring groove on each side, drilled and tapped bolt hole sets on both sides and tapped end studs complete with nuts fitted on both sides. Unlike a spacer, the two sides are usually different in size and/or pressure rating. Double studded adapter flanges are commonly utilised to connect and adapt flanges with different nominal sizes, pressure ratings, and configurations.

All of our double studded adapter flanges(DSAF) are fully designed, manufactured, and tested according to API 6A and NACE MR0175 standards. The standard material is high quality integral forged AISI4130 alloy. Available in sizes from 1-13/16″ to 30″ and working pressure up to 15000PSI. For sour service, all ring grooves can be inlaid with stainless steel SS316 or inconel 625 for better protection. The studs and nuts are available with Zinc Coated, Cadmium Coated, or Xylan Coated. Other sizes, material, and pressure ratings are also available upon request. Aside from API6A double studded adapter flanges(DSAF), we also produce and supply other types API 6A flanges, such as threaded flanges, spacer spool flanges, blind flanges, companion flanges, target flanges, test flanges, and adapter spools for all client needs.

Double studded adapter flange is a combination of flanges of different sizes and pressure ratings.

deenpu supplies ideal DSA for reliable and consistent performance on their production system. Our adapter flanges are in various sizes and pressure ratings as per customer’s specified thickness, consistent with design considerations. It is the important device to connection the different flange for wellhead, so the material of the body and studs and nuts shall be conforms the related requirements. The size is in accordance with API 16A flange certification.

Technical Parameter:

Product Name Drilling spool
Working Pressure 2000Psi~15000Psi
Nominal Size 1/2”~8”
Working Temp. PU(-29℃~+121℃)
Product Material Level AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF
Product Specification PSL1~PSL3G
Performance Requirement Level 2000~15000psi
Working Medium oil, gas, mud, gas containing H2S, CO2

Product Features

Drilling spool can be designed with different combination and dimentions according to the different user’s needs, meeting the scene operation to a great extent



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