Rotary Table

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Rotary Table

The Rotary Table is manufactured according to API 7K specification, the casing is cast steel and steel plate welding structure, the basement is steel casting, it is welded with steel plate after coarsely machining, and finish machining after internal annealing for stress elimination. The transmission gear is the mid-hard tooth face arc cusp gear, the intensity is high, the transmission is steady, the transmission torque is big.

Model ZP175 ZP205 ZP275 ZP375 ZP495
Max. static load kN 2250 3150 4500 5850 7250
Ton 250 350 500 650 800
Bore diameter mm 444.5 520.7 698.5 952.5 1257.3
in 17-1/2 20-1/2 27-1/2 37-1/2 49-1/2
Gear Ratio 3.58 3.22 3.67 3.56
Distance from table axis to the center of inner row of sprocket Mm 1118 1353
in 44 53-1/4


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