Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener


Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener

DEENPU supplies a wide variety of mud pump , like liner, piston,valves and seats and so on.

About the Pulsation Dampener Rubber Kit, we can supply as following:

KB 45/KB75 Diaphragm ,Pulsation Dampener Rubber

Diaphragm PD45 ,PD75 Pulsation Dampener Rubber

K10/K20 Diaphragm ,Pulsation Dampener Rubber

M10/M20 Diaphragm ,Pulsation Dampener Rubber


Model  Pulsation Dampener Rubber Kit
KB45 F500 F800 F1000 HHF500 HHF800 HHF1000
KB75 F1300 F1600 HHF1300 HHF1600
PD45 Emsco F500 Emsco F800 Emsco F1000
PD55 FB1300 FB1600
K10 7P50 8P80 9P100
K20 10P130 12P160
M10 7P50 8P80 9P100
M20 10P130 12P160
KB25 EWS440 EWS446 LWS440 LWS446
Bomco,Emsco,Hydril,Mattco100% interchangeable,500psi & 7500psi avaliable

Our pulsation dampener and bladders have the following features:

1. Assembled and tested before using on mud pump.

2. Diaphragms are available in various materials to suit application requirement.

3. Single piece forged bodies provide stronger body and smoother inside surface.

4. Large top cover plate allows fast diaphragm replacement without removing the body from unit

5. API standard bottom connection flange with R39 ring-joint gasket.

6. Field replaceable bottom plates eliminate costly shop repairs and down time.

7. Heavy duty cover protects pressure gauge and charge valve from damage


Part of National 8P80 Mud Pump Part No

1291280 Discharge Module, Studded 1291085 Piston Rod Clamp
1290338 Suction Module, Studded 1291090 Crosshead,R.H.& Center
1290174 Seal Retainer 1291165 Liner Bushing
1290175 Back Up Ring 1291166 Liner Clamp
1290178 Wedge Adjusting Screw 1291182 Intermediate Rod Wiper Seal
1290181 Wedge Retaining Spring 1291190 Liner Spray Manifold
1290307 Valve Cover 1291194 Intermediate Rod Baffle
1290308 Threaded Ring 1291276 Sub Rod
1290315 Wedge Adjusting Screw Washer 1291277 Piston Rod
1290342 Discharge Connector 1291286 Discharge Spacer,Studded
1290343 Discharge Connector Adapter 1292140 alve Guide Holder
1290344 Suction Module & Wear Plate Seal 1292141 alve Guide Insert
1290345 Discharge Spacer Seal 1540126 Valve Cover Gasket
1290357 Wear Plate 1590051 Suction Manifold Seal
1291015 Crossheadi,R.H.& Center 2410031-348 Rectangular Packing
1291017 Crosshead Liner 2410031-427 Rectangular Packing
1291028 Crosshead Pin 6908033 Ring Joint Gasket



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