Lifting Sub

Manufactured from 4145M or 4140HT alloy steel.
All lifting subs are complied with API standard.
A lift sub enables the safe, effective and efficient handling of straight OD tubular such as drill collars, shock tools, directional equipment jars, and other tools using the drill pipe elevators.
Lift subs are simply screwed to the top of the tool and feature an elevator groove.


Lifting Sub


Lifting sub is the special tools for lifting of the drill tools in petroleum, natural gas industry and geologic exploration. There’re two types for drill tool lifting sub in structure: type A or B. Type A lift sub is with 18 degree shoulder, and type B is with 90 degree shoulder. All lifting subs are complied with API standard.

Elevator groove OD
Sub OD
2-3/8 2-7/8


2-7/8 3-1/2 NC26
3-1/2 4-1/8, 4-3/4 NC31, NC38
4-1/2 6-1/4 NC46
5 6-1/2, 7 NC46, NC50, 5-1/2FH
5-1/2 8 NC56,5/8REG
6-5/8 9 7-5/8REG
Lifting sub can be customized as per customer’s design.




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