Hydraulic safety valves


Hydraulic safety valves

Hydraulic safety valves are made according to API 6A. When oil and gas leaking or firing, used for security protect on well site, the control system includes low pressure control valves, one will be set at a high pressure exceeds either the high pressure setting or drops below the low pressure setting, the valve with automatically close.
Working pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI
Nominal Bore: 1.13/16″~7.1/16″(46mm~180mm)
Working Medium: Oil, natural gas, mud,gas, etc.
Working Temperature: -46º C° C~121° C(Class LU)
Material Class: AA-HH
Specification Level: PSL1-4
Performance Class: PR1
SIZE 10000 psi 15000 psi 20000 psi
1-13/16″ —— ——
2-1/16″ —— ——
2-9/16″ —— ——
3-1/16″ ——
7-1/16″x 6-3/8″


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