HDD Hole Opener Reamer Bits

KKQ Fixed Diameter Hole Openers is a common reaming tool, it can be used inland,oversea reaming operation.A drill bit connected with the hole opener can finish drilling and hole opening operation at the same time. Tooth can be different for different formations: SM type for Soft to Medium Formations, MH type for Medium to Hard Formations, XH Conical Button Type for Hard Formations.

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HDD Hole Opener Reamer Bits



Product Description

About us

deenpu Drilling Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a factory specializes in drill bits,such as tricone bits, HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for water well, oil field, gas well,mining,construction, geothermal, directional boring, and underground foundation work all over the world. Our purpose is to sell the high quality products at the lowest possible price.

HDD hole opener drilling bits for hard rocks
Hole opener
Large-diameter assembled bit is widely used in construction, bridge, highway and railway construction. This series of bits are suitable to various kinds of strata including shale, limestone, cobblestone, dolomite and conglomerate.
1.Suitable for medium to medium hard formation of high Crushing Resistanc
(hard shale,sands,etc.)
2.Bit bearing is non-sealed roller bearing.
3.Hardfacing is applied on the shirttail,and carbide inserts for gage protection
are pressed into the head OD.
4.Cone gage surface is reinforce with carbide compacts.

1.Cutting Structure
In response to the characteristics that inserts in different areas on the cone have different cutting actions, conical inserts are placed in permanent contact area and wedge inserts are placed in alternative contact area so that the drilling efficiency is greatly improved. Wear resistance of cutting structure is enhanced by setting diamond inserts in the permanent contact area of the cone where inserts are severely worn. Tungsten carbide inserts are placed on cone top face to protect cone body from abrasive erosion.
2. Gauge Structure
With active cutting gauge protection inserts on bit body, the bit has good gauge protection and up drill capability.
3.Bearing Structure
High precision journal bearing. Balls lock the cone.Hardface heard bearing surface. Cone bearing inlaid with friction-reducing alloy. Abrasion resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing are improved. Compared with three cone bit, the leg bearing is bigger, so it can receive higher WOB and high reliability.
4.Hydraulic Design
Small angled watercourse design increased the shirttail thickness and can effectively prevent the watercourse erosion.Optirnized hydraulics structure improves the clearing capability and increases ROP.
5. Product Application
It is suitable for sidetracking, deep well drilling and old well

Cutting Structure The reamer always have multi-cones. Bit cones are splited from tricone bits and welded to build a new big diameter bit. The pilot is three cone bit.
Product Application Bigger diameter for piling in construction field, bridge construction, super highway construction, railway construction etc. This kind of bits are suitable for different complex formation, shales, limestone, cobblestone, dolomite, chert, etc.
Main Type Available Regular Bit Diameters: 28 “,32″,36″,38”, etc, and any diameters can be customized, maximum diameter is 1600mm.


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