API 8 1/2″ 6 Blades PDC Bit Oil Drilling Bit for Well Drilling

A tricone bit is a mechanical drill bit located in the bottom hole assembly. The bit cuts away the surface of the rock being
drilled through rotation and mechanical friction caused by the teeth of the bit. Tricone bits are designed to take the energy of the rotating drill string and the supply of mud and to apply this force to deepen the well.

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API 8 1/2″ 6 Blades PDC Bit Oil Drilling Bit for Well Drilling


PDC Drill Bits are equipped with Hardened Alloy Steel base material;High performance PDC-Cutters;Carbide and Diamond gauge protection;Carbide/Diamond Shock Studs;Threaded or Plain Carbide Nozzles for Flushing.          

Above features are subject to changes and modifications according to customers’ requirements.  

The Diamond PDC drill bit designed to run at high penetration rates even in applications that call for higher blade and cutter counts. Its unique cutting structure layout adds another dimension to bit stability and smooth running by combining the penetration rate potential of traditional “single set” cutter layouts with the life extending features of a “plural set” cutter layout. The result is a bit that runs up to 20 percent faster than conventional PDC bits with minimum bit wear.

Short parabolic profile with lower cutter density helps to obtain better ROP in soft tomedium hard formations with lower compressive strength and small hard layers.

Super strong material promote sgauge wear resistance to provide long bit life.

Balanced force cutter layout combined with straight bladede sign to improve the bit stability.

Big junk slot with balanced hydraulics design improves anti-balling ability within high penetration.

The cutter’s back rake has bee nunique design,reducing the bit torque and increasing aggressiveness.

Size 6″
Number of Nozzles 5(3MSP+2F)
Number of Blades 5
Total Number of Cutters 29
Primary Cutter Size 13mm
Standard Gauge Length 2″(50mm)
API Pin Connection 3 1/2″ API Reg
Hydraulic Flow Rate 400~600 GPM/25~38 L/S
Rotation Speed 60~350 rpm
Weight on Bit 3~15 Klbs/14~67 KN
Maximum Weight on Bit 15Klbs/67 KN


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