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DEENPU manufacture both Positive and Adjustable chokes in pressure rating up to 15,000 psi WP. With different style of end connection.Adjustable Chokes are meant for variable flow. It has externally th controlled indicator showing orifice size in the increment of 1/64 inch .The variation in choke size is achieved by rotating hand wheel to obtain desired flow rate at down stream side

DEENPU Adjustable Chokes Contain following features:

Interchangeability of parts to construct a positive, adjustable, or combination choke.
Bonnet nut has rugged integrally forged lugs for hammering nut loose.
Built-in safety feature which releases residual pressure in the choke body before the nut is fully removed. The inside of the choke body is vented to atmosphere after the bonnet nut is partially removed.
Interchangeability of component parts for a particular pressure range. For example, the same blanking plugs and bonnet assemblies are used in nominal 2” 2000 through 10,000 psi WP .
Stainless steel adjustable choke needle and seat (Tungsten Carbide/ Ceramic lining needle and seat also available for severe service applications)

Different end connections (API / ANSI, flanged / Threaded) are available upon request.


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