FT Series Drop-in Check Valve

FT drop-in check valve is a kind of Inside BOP(blowout preventer )in the drill string. It is simple in structure and easy to operate. When blowout is going to be happened the thread Connections of the Kelly are screwed out immediately and back pressure valve sub is into the I.D. of drill pipe and then pumped downward to the required place. Thus the blowout accident can be prevented, Drop-in check valve consists of back pressure sub and check valve assembly. Back pressure sub is connected with stop ring and tightened on and put into downhole drilling with drill string. Back pressure sub is used as a sub above drill string before check valve assembly is run in downhole drilling.


FT Series Drop-in Check Valve


Drop-in check valve is a drill string inside BOP valve. It also can be used for block off drill pipe on all kinds of offshore drilling floating equipment. Only after block off borehole and the annular space outside the drill string, that can be complete tasks to prevent blowout accident, as long as block off high pressure flow in the bore of drilling string, the well blowout is easy to control which occurred between borehole and the annular space outside the drill string.

It has a landing sub, which connect to the need position of drill string then put into the well, help check valve into place, drop-in check valve is a kind of single flow check valve, stored on the platform, when found blowout omen, drop it into drill pipe bore, just once time drop in can be into place on the land sub automatically, When high pressure flow of downhole, the check valve could cut off high pressure flow of upward jet in the drill string.

Product Parameters:

Model Valve Assy. OD Landing Sub Conn. Working Pressure OAL
mm(inch) OD mm(inch) ID mm(inch) (MPa) mm(inch)
FT105 39(1 17/32) 104.8(4 1/8) 40.5(1 5/8) NC31 35, 70, 105 572(22 13/25)
FT121 51(2 1/64) 120.7(4 3/4) 53(2 3/32) NC38 794(31 1/4)
FT127 52(2 1/16) 127(5) 54(2 1/8) NC38 794(31 1/4)
FT159 68(2 11/16) 159(6 1/4) 70(2 3/4) NC46 867(34 1/8)
FT162 69(2 23/32) 162(6 3/8) 71(2 13/16) NC50 872(34 5/16)
FT165 67(2 41/64) 165(6 1/2) 69(2 23/32) NC50 872(34 5/16)
FT168 68(2 11/16) 168(6 5/8) 70(2 3/4) NC50 867(34 1/8)
FT190 78(3 5/64) 190(7 1/2) 80(3 9/64) 5-1/2FH 906(35 11/16)
FT203 67(2 41/64) 203(8) 69(2 23/32) 6-5/8REG 883(34 3/4)
FT241 114(4 1/2) 241.3(9 1/2) 116(4 9/16) 7-5/8REG 975(38 3/8)



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