Flow line plug valve

Plug Valve

  • The plug valve consists of the valve body, plug cap, plug and etc.
  • The plug valve is available with the union inlet and outlet connection and BOX and Pin thread connection.
  • The metal-to-metal sealing is available between the side segments and cylinder plug, featuring high precision and reliability.
  • Applied to standard, sour gas and low temperature service.


Flow line plug valve

Flow line plug valve is a necessary part that is applied to high pressure manifold in well cementing and fracture services, also is selected for high pressure fluid control system. It is excellent for its compact structure, easy maintenance, low torque and rapid operation.

Product Name High pressure plug valve/low torque valve/flow line plug valve
Material Class AA-EE
Working Media Crude oil and natural gas
Processing Standard API 6A
Working Pressure 3000~15000psi
Processing Type Forge
Performance Requirement PR1-2
Product specification level PSL1-3
Nominal Bore Diameter 1”, 2”, 3”
Connection Type Union, BOX thread, Pin thread


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